Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sweet on See's

Tara here! Many ask, "Whats in the name?" Tara MiSioux, that is. I didn't start going by that name just because it rolled off the tongue so well, but my addiction to chocolate is more than most. Being that my given name is Tara, a fancy spelling of "misu" only seemed appropriate.  Lucky for me, I ended up marrying a man who is supportive of my intake of calories and monetary output on this delicious habit, since he shares in the same addiction as well.

Like a trip to the market, each week I pick up my household supply of chocolate at none other than See's Candies.  The company has maintained it's original roots of 1920s decor with it's classic porcelain storefronts being recognizable for almost a century! I love tradition and class, and See's Candies is a fabulous example of it.  Started in 1921 by Charles See, he opened his first location in Los Angeles with his wife and mother.  His goal was to produce high quality, handmade chocolate, made and sold in a store built to resemble his mothers home.  See's Candies was a success, and even through the Great Depression was opening new stores throughout California, while others were closing their doors for good. 

Although I have many to choose from locally, my store of choice is the one below in Corona del Mar.  Surrounded by palm trees and only a block from the beach, I'm surprised there's not a line out the door! Come on inside with me as I pick out my favorites...

The classic, porcelain storefront, 1950s built, location in Corona del Mar, CA
A happy habit indeed!

Did you know you get a full size sample of any piece of chocolate just for visiting a See's store?

A well known favorite of I Love Lucy, first aired in 1952, based on a See's Candies factory.  The episode, "Job Switching," shows the double trouble duo, Lucy and Ethel, trying their hand at the confection business.  I Love Lucy featured See's Candies employees on screen, alongside the beloved pair. 

How cute are those little boxes?  See's Candies still makes many of their chocolates by hand and by long time employees at their Los Angeles and San Francisco factories.  Most ingredients are also directly from California and contain no added preservatives.  My favorites? Milk Bordeaux, Scotchmallow, and California Brittle…. Mmmmm…..

Can't leave without a box to go….

And that's it as far as Chocolate goes! You didn't think I was going to leave you hanging without mentioning my outfit details did you? My summer favorite has been this high waist, below the knee V2 skirt by Lady K Loves, in wintermint.  It has become a weekly wearer with me.  Ashlyn and I also featured Lady K Loves for our 4th of July article, one of my favorite sets we've done yet! Their items fit just like they were custom made. They accentuate your curves naturally, with all that classic 50's flare.  Paired with my skirt is a vintage, lemon-yellow gingham blouse, a vintage neck scarf, and topped with a two minute poodle-do. 

“What you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate.” 

<3 Tara


  1. This store looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the contrast between your bright outfit and the chocolates on the photo yu're holding the box.

    1. This is a special shop. Although all See's have similar looks, this one has the old charm, and yes, makes a great backdrop for a vibrant ensemble : )


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