Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Von 50 Marilyn Monroe Tribute

Sophistication, Elegance, and Quality is what French Label VON50 was founded upon. As aficionados of early fashion and costume, we have fallen in love with VON50's philosophy and motivations. The 1950’s represent the lead of french Haute-Couture worldwide with Dior, Chanel, Jacques Fath, Pierre Balmain, Madame Grès, Nina Ricci, Hubert de Givenchy, Pierre Cardin to name a few. Excited and inspired by this era, VON50 Founder Emilie Bellan-Payrault has brought us a unique label that has captured not only femininity and glamour, but the absolute quality that you would find in the clothing of the 50's.

Here on The Pink Collar Life, our dream is to have our readers experience those golden years once again, and we couldn't be happier to team up with a vintage inspired label with the same dreams and ethos! What makes VON50 special is their classic aesthetic, keeping in mind the couture aspect of vintage fashion, drawing inspiration from vintage Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. 

Not only is VON50 an advocate for feminine curves, self-confidence and quality, but they have chosen the greatest Hollywood stars to base their silhouettes off of! Monroe, Hepburn & Hayworth to name a few... It just so happens that VON 50 has recreated an iconic ensemble that we've loved for many years, and knew that we had to pay tribute to our favorite golden girl...

You've guessed right! The famous Marilyn Monroe sitting by George Barris. He photographed her between June 9th and July 18th, shortly before her death on August 5th. These were some of the last photos of her, and tell so much. 

Marilyn's look was casual and classic, but unforgettable. She wore an orange Pucci blouse and capri pants. These Pucci blouses were her favorite, so much that she was laid to rest in a pale green Pucci dress

The La Cocquette top in Orange Poppy red, is VON 50's rendition of the famous orange Pucci blouse, and a timeless classic.

As we mentioned above, quality is clearly executed in these pieces. The fabric is a durable high quality jersey-knit that drapes beautifully, while just tight enough to accentuate all the goodies. 

The cut is simple and classic, and completely flawless and flattering, with it's boat-neck and 3/4 length sleeves.

A candid Marilyn, seen here relaxing against the Breezebocks at a home in Los Angeles, 1962.

Breezeblocks are architectural decorative concrete blocks, used in Mid-Century designs as screens or fences. Breezeblocks first came about in the Art Deco era (1930's) but were seen everywhere after modernism of the 50's and 60's hit. In California, you can still find surviving walls sprinkled throughout LA and beyond. 

A tribute to Marilyn wouldn't be complete without a toast <3

Us Pink Collar Girls, on a hot mid-July day, also the time Marilyn's photos were taken.

Gold Polly heels and gold pointed-toe pumps were of Marilyn's favorites. The gold and the orange is a gorgeous combination! 

The White Chic Capri Pants  from VON 50 are all you've been waiting for in a pant- look no further!

High waist capri pants were all the rage in the 1950's. They can be dressed down with ballet flats, or dressed up with some heels. We had been on the hunt for months, if not years for a pair of pants like this! 

It can be hard to treasure hunt for the perfect pair of vintage high waist capri pants, but these are the answer to our prayers! Made of a soft twill-like, durable, stretch material, these pants fit like a dream and are tailored perfectly to the feminine form. 

The side hidden zipper is incredibly authentic, as well as the darting, to ensure a flawless and curvaceous fit. The waist is just the right rise and the bottoms are the perfect inseam, coming to mid-calf. 

Having a few extra sips for Marilyn!

Palm Trees, Breezeblocks and VON 50 had us feeling very nostalgic <3

This is just one of many outfits these garments can create! Be sure to head to VON 50 for more iconic styles and inspiration. 

Hold a good thought for Marilyn,

x T & A x


  1. Another lovely post ladies, such a fitting tribute to Marilyn. Will be ordering a pair of the capri pants as they are PCL recommended! x x

    1. Thanks so much sweetheart! You will love them. Don't hesitate if you have anymore questions regarding fit or details xx T & A

  2. "Here on The Pink Collar Life, our dream is to have our readers experience those golden years once again" I am so happy to see a blog like yours. You two are really succeding in that, keep up the awesome work xx

    1. That is the nicest compliment ever! So happy to have you here ♡♡♡! Xoxox


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