Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pink Dressing Room

Like a vision out of Jayne Mansfield's Pink Palace, The Pink Collar girls got primped and powdered in this dressing room, fit for a 50's starlet.  At the home of Amber Foxx and husband Bob,  they have preserved a time capsule inside their 1937 built house.  Each room is balanced with decor and inspiration from the depression era to post-war design, while also blending American mid century atomic and Danish modern pieces.  One article would not be enough to show their entire home, so let's stick to the Pink Dressing Room for now….

Susana Vestige, of Vestige Photography, asked The Pink Collar Life to be a part of her upcoming book, appropriately setting us in the Barbie pink dressing room.  As described,  Amber's home is cute as a button, but this room was not a standard build on suburban homes in the 1930s.  Amber and her husband transformed their attached one car garage into a custom pink dream inspired by the Max Factor room for the starlets (also our favorite! ) Amber Foxx told us that Max Factor was one of her favorite Hollywood icons, and he was responsible for this glamour room, "I was in Hollywood visiting the Max Factor Museum, and he had a pink dressing room for the movie stars.  I loved it, secretly took a photo, and the rest is history!" 

You too can shoot in this home and with Susana Vestige!
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Check out those vanity lights!

Below are bonus behind the scenes photos captured by the Pink Collar Life!  Enjoy!

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