Saturday, July 11, 2015

Merriweather's Fabulous Forties Fakelite

It's no secret us girls love our brooches. We don't wear much necklaces, so statement pieces such as brooches and bangles are staples for creating our favorite 1940's looks. Bakelite is an early plastic that we often come across in our hunt for vintage, but having ready-to-wear bakelite is just splendid! 
Ashlyn had been in love with Schiaparelli's Bleeding Heart, made popular in the 1940's, and was always in search of a similar applique to add to a simple sweater. It was through this search that we came across the fabulous fakelite of Merriweather! Heather is the lovely lady who hand crafts these molds from scratch, creating the most beautiful and authentic looking brooches. She can even do custom orders, as she made Ashlyn a Bakelite Brando! These are just a few pieces to begin our collection, and we're already planning our next haul. 

Below is our fabulous fakelite and the original inspiration behind it. Get ready for some nostalgia!

Schiaparelli ! 

Nina Leen

Ginger Rogers

Loretta Young

1940's Western Wear isn't complete without Merriweather's Horseshoe Heart Resin

A girl and her pup! <3

Diana Dors and her little Brando

Heather handpainted Brando in PINK!

Original 1940's Pink Schnauzer Head Pin

WWII Shark Nose Plane

Amazing details on Merriweather's piece, capturing 1940's plane art

Fit for a Bombshell, literally!

Glittering Gold Bombshell Brooch, a symbol of the Bombshells once painted on WWII aircrafts

Classic 1940's Yes, No, Maybe Heart and Arrow Resin

Visit Merriweather on Etsy for your Ready-to-Wear Resins <3

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  1. These are so cute! I didn't know about all these different kinds of brooches.

    -Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe


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