Wednesday, July 22, 2015

125 Years at the OC Fair

It's opening day of the 125th year at the Orange County Fair, and it shows no signs of slowing down.  Starting in 1890 of just a few exhibits and some horse races, the OC Fair has exploded into a month long amusement park, concert hall, and extreme sports arena.  It's a tradition for most locals, like myself, to visit at least once a year to binge on fried food, get a sunburn, and spend more money than you'd expect….But after it all, its the nostalgia and memories that matter here.

Figuring out what to do in what order seems to be the most difficult task when coming to the Fair.  You can run straight to the Giant Wheel, stuff your face with BBQ, fried twinkies, & funnel cakes, get inspired in the arts and crafts hall, cool down at the beer and wine garden, ponder the idea of a pet pig after watching the pig races, go with your man to the demolition derby, and enjoy live music and entertainment throughout the fair all day long. 

If you plan on visiting the OC Fair you can click here to find daily schedules, ticket prices, and discounts!  

I made this visit somewhat short, knowing it wouldn't be my only time going this summer.  Since it was opening day I received free parking and free admission, wow! But the line to get in was easily an hour wait, boo! There was no way my two year would be able to stand in a line that long, so I walked over to stroller rentals, and was directed to walk right in! Yay!  I took my kids through the Centennial Barn first, but we were soon distracted by the smell of fair food.   Funnel cakes, ice cream, street tacos, chili, burgers, hot dogs, and everything BBQ.  We weren't hungry, but had to get something, so funnel cake it was!  

From there we had to catch one of the most popular events at the fair, the All Alaskan Pig Races.  These pigs are not only cute, but they really are fast.  The best part is you have the opportunity to get a picture with the winning pig at the end of the race, and you just might want to have one to keep after this.  To get out of the sun we made a quick run through the air conditioned art halls, which pushed us right out to the carnival games and rides.  It was only a few spins on the swings and several rides down the popsicle colored slide, that we were ready to cool down with some ice cream.  By this time it was mid afternoon (nap time for Max), we had seen and smelled enough of the fair for our first trip.  

Memories made and time to head home…. 

~ Tara ~

Bacon wrapped hot dogs and turkey legs

Yes, please!

Off to the pig races...

The Giant Wheel I can see this from my street

Flashback posters were up throughout the fair with old images from fair goers, loved this one from 1951. 

One more snack, a bag of kettle corn to take home!

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