Monday, June 8, 2015

Freddies of Pinewood

There's nothing like the days of summer, where the sun shines into the late evening and the weather is warm, but there's still a cool breeze. As you walk through the old neighborhoods of Costa Mesa, California, there is a continuous smell of barbecue and beach air that brings you back to yesteryear, as people enjoy having their garage doors's a constant block party!

While cruising down the old neighborhoods in Tara's 1954 Chevy Wagon, we decided to pull over and have our own block party with some good ol' Coca Cola!

For the cool evening breeze, Freddie's of Pinewood was the perfect choice not only because of their warm jeans, but because of their 60+ years combined experience in 1940's and 1950's vintage clothing, making for a nostalgic afternoon!

Designers Jo and Phil have created Freddies of Pinewood out of their true love for original denim and vintage clothing in general. To us, Freddie's is absolutely the best in denim reproductions and also makes incredibly authentic separates as well.  

Ashlyn wears the Red Denim Top, in true bomshell fashion with it's halter style and button down center. The red fabric is the perfect pop of color and pairs well with any other denim you'd wear as a bottom.

Tara wears the Dungaree Dolls, which are a 1940's style in indigo, complete with a cute hanky pocket in front and straps in the back which can be worn straight or crossed.

Ashlyn wears Freddie's "Jeanies" which are made from indigo denim featuring a late 1950's narrow leg. Jeanies are complete with lemon stitching, front pocket rivets, two buttons on the waistband for adjustment, and a yoke on the back. They are extremely fitted at the waist and throughout the derriere, which makes them perfect for the bombshell looking to go casual for the day.

Paired under the Dungaree Dolls, Tara wears  Freddie's famous 1940's Striped Saddle Sweater, complete with saddle shoulders in a super soft acylic, just like the original 'Orlon' by DuPont.

....It's time to crack open the Coca Colas! 

Our bums love Freddie's of Pinewood! <3

Having a giggle and enjoying some Cokes! Typical silliness of T & A <3

We had the pleasure of having our hair done by the Vintage Hair God himself, Tony Medina! @hisvintagetouch ( A must if you are in California, or visiting) 

Until our next Block Party...cheers! 

x T & A x

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