Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Buick Bombshells

1960:  The cars were gorgeous, and so were the women.  Mamie, Mansfield, and Marilyn were at the height of their careers, and the Southern California coast was seeing a boom in beach goers due to the surfing craze!  It's 55 years later, and just another day in the Pink Collar Life… an afternoon road trip in this 1960 Buick Invicta was the perfect accessory to our Glamour Bunny wiggle dresses.  

Just like the Buick's chrome trim, the lines on the "Alice" dress are smooth and elongating.  The silhouette, made popular by the blonde bombshells we adore, was all the rage in 1960.  This particular design is strapless, not a common style we choose due to our larger bust line, but Glamour Bunny has proven (again) that quality and comfort is just as important in their designs.  The bodice and waist is boned, ensuring proper cinching and support all day - which is why we are sans corsets! 

The Alice dress is available in blue or yellow, and each has a pop of pink detailing, how perfect!  After throwing on our dainty driving gloves, and headscarves to keep our curls tamed, we were ready to hit the road.  But first, we stopped by one of our favorite pink houses in the neighborhood, owned by Doris, age 91. She was tickled pink that we stopped by.  She showed us her recent projects around her pink home, and some beautiful vintage photos, including a 1943 military photo of her and her husband. We adore these nostalgic meetings! 

Tara & Ashlyn

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