Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Original Bad Girl

The Original Bad Girl is a fashion label from Australia, completely unique from any other. They are not a reproduction company, but rather a brand that has drawn inspiration from our favorite style eras - the 40's, 50's & 60's, creating their own original designs, authentic and accurate to those years. Suffice it to say that TOBG is precisely that... Original - and makes you feel like a 1950's sex bomb!

Us Pink Collar girls love glamour, but are always looking for regular, comfortable day wear separates that exude that same bombshell, bad girl look shown in our evening attire. These TOBG tops are the perfect solution, with their flattering authentic patterns and prints. 

As vintage collectors, we adore that their designs are meant to be paired perfectly with vintage pieces, as you can see below. Continue reading to see how we styled them! <3

...Not to mention, their attention to detail shows in their packaging and presentation -Total eye candy! With original artwork by Lady Weird  <3

Ashlyn is also this week's Bad Girl Crush of the Week, and you can find a full interview on TOBG Blog. She talks where her love of vintage started, and also gives her personal hair-styling and make up tips!

Q: Hey Ashlyn! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview! Our aim for our #badgirlcrush of the week is to give our followers/readers some insight into everyday creative women that inspire us and your unique effortless style and love for everything glamorous certainly does!

A: I’m so honoured that you chose me as your #badgirlcrushoftheweek! I instantly fell in love with your brand and aesthetic because it is just that..Original. It is not an alternative spin on vintage glamour, but true to authentic, classic glamour that I grew up with... which is why I love TOBG!

Q: Introduce yourself, tell us a bit about you (Just so we have a bit of extra info about you!) – we see you have studied at beauty school and Fashion Design, can you tell us more about that..

A: As a little girl I was always an artist and a creator. I loved to write, as my imagination was huge and I would write story after story. My parents let me take private painting lessons, and I always wanted to paint Marilyn Monroe. As an artistic person, I also loved music, and my parents got me my first electric guitar and lessons when I was 13. A bit of a rebel, suffice it to say I was only interested in Music and Arts, and chose a different path than the others. My mom became a cosmetologist in the 60’s, and she had a vintage blow dryer and curler set that I was enamoured by, inspiring me to go to beauty school. I attended Paul Mitchell Cosmetology at 17, and I’ll never forget the first thing they taught us, which was the finger wave and the pin curl set (This is probably why I’ve mastered my signature hairstyle today!) I couldn’t stop at just cosmetology, and later I designed a line of lingerie inspired resort wear, made in Los Angeles. With a passion for branding, marketing and fashion, I’m now working toward my BA in Fashion Merchandising.

Q: We see you are a fan of the culture and Glamour Starlets of 40’s, 50’s & 60s, when did your fascination with these specific eras start?

A: I’m sure you can see by now, my love for Old Hollywood started in my childhood. I first saw Marilyn’s photo as a little girl in my uncle’s basement, as he had a huge collection of her memorabilia. Although a California girl, I spent all of my summers in upstate New York (hence the basement reference) where my very large Italian-American family resides. My uncles always had pinups and playboys in their basements, which I would sneak off to look at. I thought they were so glamorous and I loved looking at their female forms. As I said before, Marilyn was my muse, and I would paint her so many times that my art teacher got sick of it! I also adored Betty Boop, and sketched her over and over.

All of the homes I spent time in were built in the 1950’s and had the original pink tiles, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. My uncles would smoke cigars and listen to The Rat Pack, Bobby Darin, Elvis, etc. And this was all I knew. My aunts would give me their vintage costume jewelry and let me play dress up in their high heels and clothes while my mom always had me dressed in pink princess gowns. This is where my love of pin-ups and anything pink & vintage originated from! In the early 2000’s I met a girl who became my best friend, and introduced me to some great old rockabilly music and we discovered there were modern pinup models and fashion brands catering to something we grew up loving. It just always seemed right to me!

...for MUCH more, visit TOBG blog for the complete interview <3 

Enjoy below The Original Bad Girl x Pink Collar Life Collaboration!

Tara MiSioux wear the Vixen Top in Leopard Print, with vintage gold shimmering threads and black sky high mules. The Vixen is ever so soft and clings perfectly to your curves - clearly! The bad girl look is never complete without some iconic gold hoops. These perfect perspex hoops are a FRIDA LAS VEGAS x Original Bad Girl collaboration. They come in 3 different sizes, Tara is wearing the small Gold Mirror Hoops

This jungle kitten was in the perfect location for this ensemble, hanging out at the Palmdale House (original Mid Century building) built in 1953, in Hollywood.

Tara MiSioux has styled the Lover Top with some sweet white cotton eyelet capri pants complementing the pink and white stripes - in true Mamie Van Doren fashion. A California Pin-up never forgets her vintage cateye sunglasses and gold palm tree brooch!

Seen in the background is another Mid-Century gem with a whimsical garden and an ocean of blue mosaic tiles and stonework. Old Hollywood at it's best!

Ashlyn Coco wears the Femme Fatale Top - a sexy off the shoulder striped top, paired with a 1950's gold lurex pencil skirt. This top is cropped and has red, white and black mini stripes giving off that 60's sex kitten vibe. Due to hit TOBG in just 2 weeks! A bad girl's wardrobe is never complete without lucite platform wedges with gold trim, to compliment some gold hoop earrings! 

Ashlyn Coco wears the classic Lola Top which screams Jayne Mansfield - especially worn with a bullet bra to show off those sweater puppies! The Lola is a beautiful off white ribbed blouse, making it extremely versatile and a staple wardrobe piece for anyone looking to evoke Hollywood glamour girl. In this case, Ashlyn wears it with a vintage ivory wool pencil skirt, hugging all the right curves. A vintage gold Mid-Century star brooch is the perfect touch, and of course the iconic Gold Mirror earrings - our new favorite! White leather Spring-o-lators complete this TOBG Lola Look.  

As you must know, PINK is our color! Well, the Pink Bombshell top couldn't be more perfect as it's indeed - pink, and inspired by Mamie Van Doren (one of our greatest style icons!) The cherry on top is that this incredibly cute top is made of deadstock cotton fabric. Now how's that for authentic?

Ashlyn appropriately paired pink on pink, with a gingham pant to compliment the multi-colored stripes and a vintage golden poodle brooch along with golden Polly heels to complete this Pink Bombshell look!

One of our favorite color combos is pink and butter yellow, and Ashlyn visits this sweet canary Old Hollywood structure with plush palms and deco detailing. Gems like this are scattered all throughout the city, each with it's own charm!

To find out more about The Original Bad Girl, visit here and don't forget to follow their glamorous world!

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