Monday, April 20, 2015

A Secret Forest Patisserie

As you know, The Pink Collar Life loves to support our fellow Pink Collar gals and this Cotton Candy-haired Lollipop Queen has us in quite the candy daze! We have fallen in love with her creations, as she takes inspirations from old Hollywood glamour, films, and art, making for the most glittering and glamorous lollipops you'll ever taste. 

Vanessa is the owner of A Secret Forest Patisserie, creating magical confections from the epicenter of old glamour itself...Los Angeles! She can take any concept you can dream up, and design a decadent confection - just for you! Not only did we get some sweet Pink Collar treats, but we were able to find out what inspires her and how A Secret Forest Patisserie came to be...

Q: How did you get involved in the Lollipop business, and how long have you been creating these cute candies?

A: I graduated culinary school and focused mainly on pastries, but my most favorite thing was candy making. I started the Etsy store about 2 years ago on a whim, and happily it's taken off!

Q: How do you get inspired for new lollipop designs?

A: Lolly Inspiration is literally everywhere for me - vintage lucite accessories and furniture, Lalique blown glass, vintage textiles, old powder compacts, 1930's movies and costume design, and vintage circus to name a few. Everything is a constant inspiration. Nature, and my friends are all inspirations!

Q: What has been your favorite Lollipop flavor to date?

A: My favorite flavors are French Violet and Ederflower! The extracts are both super expensive but taste so amazing that it's a nice little indulgence to be able to offer to people.

Q: What can we expect to see in the coming year for A Secret Forest Patisserie?

A: More beautiful candy, expanding our wholesale business, and our atelier later this year!

Don't forget to visit A Secret Forest Patisserie , as you won't want to miss these couture candies!

Now let's indulge...

x T & A x

Self Portrait of The Lollipop Queen herself - Vanessa!

Our custom Cherry & Champagne flavored Pink Collar Life Lollies!

Detail of our custom lollies

Ashlyn's custom John Willie Fetish heels Lollies

Matching my Secret Forest Patisserie Lollipops to my shirt! 

Beautiful photo from one of our favorite Pink Collar gals, Lily, and her Ulyana Sergeenko Lollies (@lilyperfumedpearl)

Another gorgeous image from Lily, with her John Willie lollies and CARON powder puffs!

Flamingling Lollies!
Schiaparelli inspired lollies - does it get any better!?

Amazing detail on this dauphin... 

Oodles of Poodles!


  1. LOOOOVE Vanessa's Lollies! She's soooo talented and they are extremely tasty aren't they? :) So happy to see them featured here and that her darling co. is taking off. This is my first time here at your blog and I just adore it!! :)

    Regina / Head Glam Girl at Margarita Bloom
    Margarita Bloom | Retro Vintage Skincare & Beauty

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    1. So happy you are enjoying our blog! We totally adore Vanessa as well <3 <3 <3 x

    2. So happy you are enjoying our blog! We totally adore Vanessa as well <3 <3 <3 x

  2. May I ask where your "Bizarre" shirt is from? LOVE it!
    -Doll Rae

  3. Yes! It's from ♡♡♡ We are hoping to feature them too

  4. Yes! It's from ♡♡♡ We are hoping to feature them too


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