Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pann's Diner 1958

For my birthday weekend, I visited the Original Pann's Diner, in Los Angeles. Established in 1958, Pann's quickly became a community favorite and now I understand why. The nostalgia I felt while dining here had me euphoric! Wearing my 1950's canary yellow dress and pink vintage headscarf, I felt right at home sitting in the cherry red leather tufted booths. Pann's was completely filled and everyone seemed so happy, including me! 

I ordered a classic grilled cheese and fries and of course my usual Diet Coke which is served in original Coca Cola glassware. The inside of Pann's seems completely untouched, with all of the original fixtures and photographs. The amazing googie architecture from the inside out was astonishing and was such a joy to look at while dining. The mid century stone walls and the textured flecked floor was truly divine. The outside was just as adorable with it's canary yellow walls and pretty palms. Needless to say it was a fabulous fifties style brunch! 

Afterwards, we went to Hollywood Forever Cemetery which is also one of my favorite places. It's so serene and peaceful (aside from some guard ducks!) Even though Jayne Mansfield's body is not here, I still like to visit her cenotaph in honor. The pond is so beautiful, sparkling in between waving palm trees, lush greenery and beautiful tombs. 

xx Ashlyn
In front of the To-Go Window, still in working order!
Where there's Champagne, I follow..

A Diet Coke for me, please!
Grilled Cheese & French Fries - My Favorite! 

Pann's in Pink Neon!
Girl with Googie
Mid Century Structure & Plants
Original Lucite Handles!
Divine Dining!
* Original Mid Century Sign *
With Jayne Mansfield's Cenotaph at Hollywood Forever

The Sparkling Duck Pond, sans the Ducks!

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