Monday, March 23, 2015

Lovely in Lassos

Although I am a born and raised Southern California gal, I have a fantasy life being a cowgirl.  At an early age, the images of Gil Elvgren's western pinups caught my eye and sparked my influence for the style I have made into my own.  The models in his images were confident with a wink of playfulness, and always seemed to be doing something productive… they were all Pink Collar Gals.  

One of my latest vintage additions to my closet is this "Rodeo" rope-print button-up.  Rolling up the sleeves and tying it off paired with my high waist denim and vintage leather tooled belt was perfect for the look I was going for today.  I was casual enough to wear on a day out with the family, but still cute enough for my husband.  We spotted an old broken down utility truck, tucked under an overgrown tree.  What most would see as a big hunk-a-junk, we saw as an amazing background for today's get-up!

< 3 Tara

Western Pinup by Gil Elvgren

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