Friday, August 19, 2016

Cotton Candy Cuties

Carnivals, cotton candy and creme sodas have us on a cloud, as we relish in California's sizzling summer of sweets, and sunshine! Twinning in Tara Starlet was summer goals, as her adorably themed ensembles always have us retro-ready for a nifty and nostalgic time...

As you might know, we have a deep adoration for the "Dolly Sisters," played by June Haver and Betty Grable in the 1945 film. Though usually twinning, the girls similar to us, each had a liking for pink and blue. As pretty pastels, we will always love this marriage of our favorite shades. Lucky for us, Tara Starlet's Loveheart Romper comes in just those very hues of pink & blue. It was meant to be!

ABBA's Agnetha Faltskog, showing some retro pink heart cut-out fashion!
Much can be said about the Loveheart romper, but let's try to start at the beginning. Hearts were a huge novelty in the Golden Age, appearing in everything from prints, motifs, sunglasses and even bathtubs (think Jayne's Pink Palace). A romper was a major must have, especially seen in the 1940s through the 1970s. 

The Loveheart romper combines every element you could ever want for an ultra fun and feminine summer look. The adorable heart in the center makes for a Va-Va-Voom vintage aesthetic, with playful buttons worthy of Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita. Figure hugging, yet giving, the cotton twill is a breathable blend, perfect for those warm summer days and nights.

Wearing the Iconic Marilyn Hoops, available for purchase here in our store!

The Loveheart romper can be styled a number of ways. From nautical nineteen forties, all the way to disco darling, this piece is promised perfection. Today's mood was a mod mix of fun & flirty, with Juvenile Delinquent meets Lolita, adding some statement hoop earrings and matching scarves. Of course some carnival cotton candy was fresh from the fair with, frosties to finish!

Twins at a Fair in 1963

Always an inspiration, the playful Sue Lyon as iconic Lolita, 1962, with a lollipop and heart shades.

Get Tara Starlet's Loveheart Romper here!

x T & A x

Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer Wine

Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring,
My summer wine is really made from all these things
....Oh, summer wine <3

Pink Collar gal Nancy Sinatra's Summer Wine (1966) was my inspiration for today's visit to the vineyards & vino. Established in 1969, Mount Palomar was the perfect place for a nostalgic afternoon, as California's countryside really starts to heat up, with hills kissed by a golden glow.

Sure to make an appearance was my vintage platforms, featuring of course - some cherry berries! For a 70s does 40s look, I matched my platforms to my Luxulite brooch, along with some vintage berry cluster earrings. Warm weather in the presence of barrels of berries and Bordeaux, called for fallen curls, a pink peasant top printed with daisies, a 1940s seersucker a-line skirt, and a vintage wicker purse. Nancy approved!

Enjoy nostalgia queen Lana Del Rey's cover of Nancy & Lee Hazlewood's Summer Wine.

<3 Ashlyn

Monday, August 8, 2016

Strawberry Lemonade Meringue

This sizzling summer day required a refreshing daily dose of fresh florals, and colors reminiscent of delicious drinks and decadent desserts. We adore sweet treats, and wardrobes reminiscent of such palettes, like last summer's keylime pie. With hair the color of strawberry lemonade, my Ascot Seville Lemon Swing Dress from The Pretty Dress Co. added a nice tang of lemon meringue... 

Made of cotton sateen of the prettiest pale yellow, the Seville print features beautiful blossoms in complimentary shades of pinks and rouge. With golden blossoms in full bloom on the streets of Los Feliz, this pretty dress was extra fun and fabulous to frolic in. 

As always, a candy colored vintage truck makes a debut, in a delicious shade of strawberry. This 1950s inspired silhouette is perfect for some car cruisin' down the golden streets of the Old Hollywood <3 

<3 Tara

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beach Barbies

The forever iconic "Barbie," was born on March 9th, 1959, forever changing the world of the doll market, and exhuding characteristics similar to that of a pink collar gal of the time. Fast forward to today, as over a billion barbies have been sold, and thousands of new styles continue to emerge and evolve. Though the Barbies of today look different than the original Barbie, we certainly have not forgotten her initial aesthetic, and her unforgettable and iconic style. 

Short for Barbara, Barbie was originally inspired after the Lilli Doll, who was "a blonde bombshell, and a working girl who knew what she wanted." Many women saw Barbie as providing an alternative to traditional 1950s gender roles, as she had a series of different jobs, from airline stewardess, doctor, pilot and astronaut, to Olympic athlete and even U.S. presidential candidate.- Sounds like the definition of the pink collar gal!

True to our ethos and way of life, we knew we had to pay homage to such a fabulous, feminine, figure of the fifties. When we saw Unique Vintage's "Barbara" suit, it was love at first sight, and also amazement upon finding such an exact recreaction! Available now, every girl's wish is answered, as you can now get Barbie's retro realness in this perfect pink collar swimsuit. Made of the classic black and white chevron stripe fabric, this suit has all the right seams in all the right places. Miraculously, the built in shelf bust and strong elastic trim adheres to the bust, and stays put making for a flawless doll-like look and fit. (We suggest ordering a size up, as this is teeny tiny, just like Barbie!)

Of course, Barbie was known for her big, blonde, waterfall ponytail and heavy cat eye. Today, we throwback to 1959 Barbie, meets the more modern Malibu Beach Barbie. We brought not only the pretty pony and killer cat eye shades, but also finished our look with some spring-o-lator mules, and some classic gold hoops - Barbie's accessories that she never went without!

Our very own "Mansfield Masquerade" in white was the most perfect handbag to complete our Beach Barbie look. This cutie is available now, and can be purchased here, and is also available in the essentials, pink & black.

<3 T & A