Monday, December 5, 2016

Ford Fairlane in Fall

It's almost time to say farewell to fall, and a fifty-seven, forest green, Ford Fairlane, is just the thing to have me feeling festive and nostalgic. Today's outfit is a rainbow of autumnal tones, including nude & nutmeg with a touch of tweed, mixed with mauve & mocha with a mandarin flair...

This dress is a wonderful neutral dress that can be worn with nearly any other color combination. Its a rich nutmeg brown, vintage 1950s design, with dolman sleeves, accented with Chinese buttons. The bell sleeves are the perfect length to accessorize with some leather gloves, and my nude pink button-up ones were just the neutral tone to balance the browns. 

My coat is a vintage 1950s swing coat, with blondish accents around the collar and sleeves. The coat is a gorgeous tweed, featuring muted tones sure to match anything, making it an easy coat to grab without thinking twice! Comfort is always a plus, and wedges from the 1950s are always super comfortable to wear. These early 1950s beauties are a beige snakeskin,"Wedgelings" by Jack Rogers. 

I will miss you fall, but luckily some winter fashion is underway, and just as fun! 

x Ashlyn

Friday, December 2, 2016

Holiday with Besame

Welcome December! It's almost the Holiday, and thanks to Besame, i'm feeling extra prepared, and painted in cosmetics all inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood beauty. California's brisk cold, always requires bold, and so - a decadent, deco coat, and a dark & daring new shade of lipstick is the right way to a December debut!

A walk around the vintage homes featuring gingerbread style architecture and poinsettia's lining the windows, was whimsical wonderland.. 

For this 1930s inspired look, it's all about the rich browns and cool undertones. I'm wearing one of my favorite princess coats from the 1940s, with raccoon patterned trimmings on the hood & hemline, and a double breasted closure. My faux mink is a new color way we've just added to The Pink Collar Life online boutique, in the perfect rainbow of chocolate browns. This color is an absolute must have, and pairs nicely with virtually any vintage outfit you could think of!

Collectible Besame Girl Brush Holder, for your Rouge Brush, seen with Besame's Cream Rouge Blush & signature 1945 American Beauty Lipstick

Besame's beautiful Holday Bag, for all your Besame beauties! Also seen with 1938 Cream Rouge Blush in Crimson, and Besame's Silk Scarf

A vintage must-own for any glamour girl in the Fall/Winter, is some tortoiseshell. This design was used in sunglasses, lucite bags, and lucite heels and always makes me think: classic! I love a good rounded, circular, eyewear shape (seen in the 30s/40s) and especially in this pattern.

No makeup collection is complete without Besame's mini powders & Decades of Fragrances!
Besame's limited edition holiday bag is currently the star of my vanity, as its the perfect grab and go, for all of your trinkets and treasures. I always carry at least one Besame fragrance roller vial wherever I go. Luckily, these are small enough for easy carrying, but surprisingly long lasting. 1910-1960, there is surely a decade for you! Today i'm wearing my 1930...

A girl has got to have some gloves and gam-elongating heels. I'm wearing some plum brown, leather gloves, alongside my tiger fur Spring-o-lators. Prints, prints, prints! 

Vintage clothing is easy to come by, but it is difficult (and probably unsafe) to use vintage cosmetics. Besame creates exact reproduction beauty products from our favorite bygone eras, and does so in an incredibly flawless manner, looking just as though i'm peering through the cases of The Max Factor Museum. Not only am I a fan for life, and blown away by their packaging, but i'm truly in love with the quality, application, and smells of their products. I'm always looking for that thrill of being transported back in time, and Besame does that for me <3

Above, i'm applying "Noir Red," which is a replica of a 1930 lipstick shade (and apparently an exact match to my gloves!) This color is bold, but beautiful and seductive, and perfect for a sultry 20s/30s/40s style. My cheeks are extra peachy & pigmented, picking up those leaves, thanks to Besame's 1938 Apricot Cream Rouge Blush. I apply in circular motions with my fingers, and start with a small amount and work up to my desired depth of color. 

x Ashlyn

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Spiderweb Sweater

We're back, for a new addition to Miss Fortune UK's sweater selection, starring a particularly popular novelty design. Silver screen starlet, or spooky siren approved, we have here the Spiderweb Bobbie Jumper, in Strawberry Milkshake & Ice Maiden!

We have all lusted after those vintage intarsia sweaters from the 40s & 50s, featuring fun, and nostalgic, novelty themes. As you saw from our previous post in Miss Fortune's bombshell Bobbie sweater, Laura has got this down pat, in cuteness, comfort, and authenticity. This Bobbie is featured in three color ways, with all just as gorgeous as the next, and very versatile. Each color way has a darker contrasting web, looking totally killer and ready to go, with, out without help from a little brooch!

As you know, we at The Pink Collar Life are big fans of Luxulite brooches. Katy has just released a sparkling spider, which proves to be a great accessory styled with this sweater in particular. These little jumbo confetti critters were actually specifically designed to compliment each sweater (could this idea be any cuter?!)

<3 T & A

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Old Town

Today i'm sharing with you my Old Town, where the past meets the present -Temecula Valley! Established in the 1800s in the times of the golden west age, it brought upon the romantic era of rancheros and vaqueros, for which early California is best known. Though it was a short-lived era, it is said that nowhere in California did its aura linger longer, than in the the Temecula Valley. As one of the most historic communities in Southern California, Temecula went from Indian village, to mission outpost, from Mexican rancho, to crossroads settlement, and lastly, from railroad town, to modern city. There is so much rich history in this quaint, historic, town, but I will try to outline its highlights...

Image result for old temecula photos
Temecula in 1909
Firstly, the name Temecula comes from the LuiseƱo Indian word "Temecunga" - "temet" meaning "sun" and "-ngna" which means "place of." It is the only city in California that still keeps its original Indian name. Though Indian ancestors were here in 900 a.d, it was officially established in 1859. Shortly before, in 1847, its hard to believe the bloodiest battle of the Mexican War took place here, known as the Temecula Massacre. 

You can find original stagecoaches and wagon wheels lining the streets of Old Town, as seen above. Stagecoaches were synonymous with holdups, and Temecula saw its share of desperadoes, such as Juan Flores, the leader of a gang of outlaws, who would hide out in the Valley, during the greatest manhunt ever conducted in California.

At the turn of the century, Temecula became known as a shipping point for grain and cattle. During this period, the great and long cattle drives from the back country occurred, and the cowboys ruled the roost, as Temecula had become a significant cow town.

Image result for the swing inn cafe temecula

Moving forward into the late 1920’s and 30’s, Temecula had its share of excitement, as there were murders, a bank robbery, a flood, and visits by glamorous Hollywood celebrities. Prize fighters Jack Dempsey and Jack Sharkey worked out in a makeshift ring on the second floor of the old Welty building, over the Blind Pig Saloon, and moon-shining was underway in the surrounding hills.

Image result for temecula historic photos
Merchant, "Mac" Machado, 1904...notice the same mill?

During the 60s, when cattle business was the most popular business venture, the clientele of places like the Swing Inn (may absolute favorite diner) the Long Branch Saloon, and the Stables Bar, seemed to be limited to ranchers, cowboys, and Indians. Though the Old West lifestyle continued here, the outside world was evolving dramatically...

Even though the Golden West days are gone, and the times have changed, the nostalgia in this town is unrivaled, and Temecula does a wonderful job of keeping things excellently preserved, or beautifully restored. Walking the streets, you are bound to see horses and trollies, alongside rustic buildings and little diners.

Image result for the swing inn cafe temecula
The Swing Inn Cafe, since 1927. (By Temecula Website Design)

Growing up, I loved to come by on the weekends for Western Day, which still happens! Old West, gun-fighting, costumed, characters perform humorous skits, and a high noon shoot out and robbery at The Bank (right across from my favorite antique mall, Granny's Attic). Also be sure to  visit the 150+ year old Bank, and pop into the Old Temecula Jail, a small, hidden, granite building where you can peer through the bars and see some mannequin outlaws!

Also worth mentioning is the Temecula Rod Run, where every year, hundreds of classic vehicles (pre 1974) from all over the country cruise Old Town Front Street.

You will see "Butterfield Stage" written in the background, which was actual my cross street. During the mid-1800s, the Butterfield Overland Mail company contracted with the federal government to deliver mail and goods. Temecula was one of the stops along the Butterfield Stage route, which followed the Southern Emigrant Trail.

Yodeling cowboy Gene Autry's favorite cowboy boots were his bluebirds, made by Olsen-Stelzer, in the mid 1930s. I'm wearing a vintage replica of the museum pair, by 'Montana,' which I had to have after my pink collar girl, Emily, let me borrow hers, on our horse riding adventure at the Madonna Inn.  

Other outfit details are (all vintage) gilded horseshoe accent, on a snap shirt, and a wool, embroidered skirt in camel (and of course a hat)

<3 Ashlyn